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So now what.....?

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Now that the RSN's and MPEG4 conversion has taken place, plus the scheduled roll out of LIL's(Not my area :( ), what can be expected for next week, or the following week. I have been keeping up with this D11 for some time now, and I detect a little disappointment amongst many of you and myself. Oh...., and I am really happy overall with DirecTV since a signed on a little over two years ago. I am spoiled. I want more.

What channels are on deck for us within the next couple of weeks....?

Any Ideas? I love this stuff....... Bring on the HD....

Will there be anything for next Wednesday or Thursday?
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I believe there are at least a couple of threads discussing this already, but if I remember correctly the roll out beyond what just took place is scheduled for August 14th.
Well...., I am sure there are others excited as I, about the newly activated D11, and I am sorry if mine is a double post. I guess there are many ways that we actually express the same thing......, and we all have much anticipation of more HD.

Go DirecTV...... :D
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