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so what the hell is wrong with dish now?

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O.k. I'm in Moline, IL and for the last hour or so (that I've noticed) the channels
are ALL out. Some of them have the dish network logo displaying, but nothing else.
Is there a problem at the uplink center?
Doesn't seem like it's coming from the transmission side of the satellites
as I have good signal on my superdish.


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I was watching recorded programs on the 622 but when I read your post I checked a few channels and they are all working here (2:20AM Central time).
Maybe that software update I got yesterday made my 508
go nutty for awhile...


It's fine now.
So I guess nothing the "hell is wrong with Dish" then, eh!
Slamminc11 said:
So I guess nothing the "hell is wrong with Dish" then, eh!
well, late yesterday afternoon, thought i would check my signal strength. the screen showed it was down as low as to get a "yellow" bar at times. the meter was hanging around 18. the azimuth, elevation, and skew showed "N/A". even though the picture showed no signs of degradation, thought i would give Dish a call. he said that as long as the picture is fine, nothing to troubleshoot. not long after the call, i checked the meter again---everything appeared to be "back to normal". so, not sure what that was about.
They may be "drifting" EchoStar 8 a bit to the east to make room for EchoStar 10 to park at 110. This might cause some signal fluctuations as they do this(might cause the satellite to wobble more than usual).
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