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Let take your problems a piece at a time. First, the HR-20 Installation Tips and HR-20 Tips and Tricks will help you with these problems and others.

Then I have more recently had the problem where when I am fast forwarding it will randomly change resolutions and squish the image then go back to normal.

Using my psychic powers...
You might have Native Mode on. Turn it off.
You might be using HDMI. Use component.

...rewind back to the beginning which was only about 15 minutes. After rewinding back about 3 minutes...

Use the Skip Back feature to skip 15 minute at a time.

Why in the world does it take 10 times longer to boot up than my Windows machine??? Running a stripped down Linux OS shouldn't it be lightning fast?

The HR-20 boots up faster than any of my Windows machines. It then has to wait for the guide loop to come back around. It does not repopulate then entire guide, just the next few hours.

Hope this helps,

- Craig
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Not open for further replies.