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Software version vs. Boot Strap version

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I have an understanding of what the sotware is in the receiver. But what is the Boot Strap? Why is it needed in addtition to the software?
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Basically, the bootstrap is a "helper" application.

When the reciever is first plugged in or is reset, the box loads the bootstrap and executes it.

The bootstrap is in ROM, and probably has the driver to talk to the flash memory. It's job is to load the programming for the IRD from the flash into memory and execute it.

The bootstrap is used because parts in an IRD can change.

Let's say the maker of the flash memory changes. A new version of the bootstrap would be made with drivers to access the new flash part, but the IRD software itself would not have to be modified.

The term "bootstrap" is (I believe) based on the military expression of pulling something up by the bootstraps.

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What is IRD?

What do you mean by "the maker of the flash memory changes"?
IRD = Integrated Receiver/Decoder

which means your satellite receiver
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Basically, it's possible that some components inside the reciever will change through the life of it. If E* can get a part (in my example the flash memory chip) for 1/2 the cost from another company rather the the one they started with, they can change the reciever to use the lower cost part without creating a whole new reciever with it's own set of code/etc.

It's like the BIOS in your computer, if you have SCSI or IDE, it doesn't matter because the BIOS sets up the interface to the rest of the computer the same way.
Boot Strap comes from the expression to lift by the bootstraps. Going back in time 25 years or more to my PDP8 days it was a little bit of code that you enterd on the front panel switches to give basic instructions to the system to bring it to life, once done the system had the neccessary where-with-all to load its applications. I would imagine the same applies on an IRD, the bootstrap code will be held on read only memory and will load at switchon, that brings the system to life and gives it the basic intelligence required to load its software.
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