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Some channels missing after Hurricane Ike

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After my power was restored yesterday I found out some of my channels were missing. I think it is just my HD channels, but all of my signal strengths are lower as well.
Is this something I can fix easily myself, or should I wait for DirecTV to do it? I would not like to wait that long?

Anyone in Houston want to help?

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If you meet the following criteria, you might be able to fix it:

1) Can get to your dish safely.
2) Can use a wrench to turn screws.
3) Have a steady hand to make small movements of the dish.
4) Have someone who can yell out current signal numbers in realtime while your moving dish (cell phones work nicely).
5) Have a lot of patience.
6) Have a lot of patience.
7) Have a lot of patience.
8) Have enough determination to get the best possible signal you can.
Here's the installation manual if you want to learn how:


Short story of how, in order:
1) Peak the 101 signals.
2) Peak the 119 signals.
3) Use fine tuning screws to peak 99(c) and 103(c) signals.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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