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I have the same TV - purchased 9/06 and hooked up to HR20 shortly after.
I have used nothing but HDMI from HR20 to the TV - in fact, I just switched from one HDMI input to the other today so I could use the first one for a DVI connection to DVD player.

I have had no real problems and love the HD picture.

I have to admit though, the newest software has been screwing things up - but I'm not sure how much of that has anything to do w/ the HDMI connection and how much is just D* regressing with its software.

Chaning channels takes longer now - usualy a couple seconds. And the trickplay functions have been screwy too. A lot of times when I pause or hit the replay button, things just freeze up and the only way to move on is to change channels.

I never had any real issues until this latest software - and I'm pretty pissed about it actually. They better get it fixed and do it quickly - I can't believe my system is now regressing after 2 months of pretty good performace.

Anyway, getting off topic.......
I have the SXRD 60a200 and have using HDMI and getting a picture since the moment I plugged it in.

His problem could be a lot of things - cable, HR20 jack, Sony's input jacks - although I find it hard to believe both of the TV's HDMI ports could be bad
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