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I have a Sony A-65 receiver that I am utilizing both the S-Video out and RF out.

For my RF-out, I have it running to an 8-way splitter that I'm using 5 outputs to run to various TV's in my house.

This solution was working until recently when it suddenly stopped working. Absolutely NO video now comes through. All I see is a screen that shows the bug-races (like there's no video feed).

I plugged a new coax cable directly to my TV to rule out the splitter or any cables, and it doesn't work.

I know the receiver works, because I get video through the S-video connection.

One other note, I'm using Channel 3 and I've also verified it doesn't work through channel 4 either. I also switched the channel selction in the A65 menu.

Is it possible that somehow the RF out is fried either from splitting to so many feeds or some other cause??
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