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Interestingly Dish Hopper and DirecTV remotes use the same codes now, but DirecTV needs a prefix. Sony blu-ray is DVD 1516 on Dish (or 21516 with the prefix dropped). On Dish you don't really need to be concerned with codes, nor is there any way to actually enter them on the remote. Just pick any Sony blu-ray model from the remote manager screen and optionally learn any commands which might be missing. Sony blu-ray codes are fairly new and only exist in newer DirecTV remotes.

For anyone else reading this thread, the OP actually has a BDP-S480, not 5480. All Sony blu-ray players ever made use the same code above.

To expand a little on the shared code database, all DirecTV remotes and the newer Dish 32.0 and 40.0 remotes for the 922 and Hopper/Joey use UEI codes. UEI is one of the world's largest remote makers and is the OEM for DirecTV, Dish, most cable companies, one-for-all, acoustic research (Xsight), RCA, etc. Their database is even larger than Harmony's.

Sony blu-ray codes are relatively new and don't exist in older model DirecTV remotes, only newer ones.
UEI remotes use either a dedicated device key or a prefix to identify the device. In the example above, the DVD 1516 code is equivalent to 21516, where 2 means it's a DVD code on remotes that take 5-digit codes rather than 4-digit codes. The prefixes are 0 for CBL/SAT/PC, 1 for TV, 2 for DVD/Blu-ray/VCR/PVR/Tape and 3 for AUD/CD/Home/Misc.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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