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During the holidays, consumers are always interested in what cool gadgets are
going to be introduced. The Sony PlayStation 3 will be available Nov. 17 in the
United States, just in time for the holidays.

Though the video game console isn't available for a couple more weeks, gamers
were able to test the PS3 at the 2007 Sony Expo in Honolulu, according to the
associated Press. Some stores, like GameStop and EB Games, took pre-orders
beginning Oct. 10 for this high demand, limited supply product.

The Associated Press also said that people are already selling their pre-reserved
PS3 consoles on eBay for more than $2,000. Rights for the PS3 sold for $3,250,
plus $50 for shipping.

The game console comes standard with a gigabit Ethernet for online gaming, a
Blu-ray disc player, wireless remote. Games and movies can be played at 1080p.
The 20-GB version of the system start at $500 and the 60-GB model is $600.

Though the console is in high demand, Sony reported a $366 million operating
loss in its gaming division in the third quarter because of development charges.

www.SkyRetailer.com - used with permission
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