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Jerry_K said:
Thanks. I did not think they would just be in a jumbled mess.
You know what? I wouldn't even care how jumbled a mess they are if they would just let us search for folders (and already-recorded program titles) using the smart search. What a concept! That would be much friendlier than the options available now and cut the button presses down by about 80%.

It took them close to forever to realize how idiotic they were being by sorting episode titles inside a folder alphabetically, and once they finally did change that to keeping the stuff inside the folder in order by reverse air date the "sort by alpha" options finally began to make a little more sense than they ever had before. They are now almost usable. Of course they still cant figure out how to exclude "A" and "The" from alpha searches, which is just embarrassing.

But I still think the order of the shows within a folder should be reversed so that the oldest ep is on the top. If you think about it (a trick they seem incapable of doing on their own) 99% of folks viewing either scripted or reality shows would prefer to watch them in the serial order they were broadcast in, because there is either a mild or a very strong element of seriality in 90% of the shows out there, and in 95% of the viewings out there (the seriality is stronger in more-popular shows). Very few shows are so purely episodically contained that it would not matter what order they were viewed in, and 0% of viewers want to watch them in the order they are presented to us inside the folders currently. Zero. Per Cent.

So throw us a bone, and flip the order so that when I open the folder I don't have to scroll through nineteen newer eps of Burn Notice just to get to the next one in serial order. We're busy people; we have better things to do than unnecessary thumb exercises. It's a complete no-brainer. Just do it. Anything else (having it the way it is now) is just ergonomic insanity.

Consider how easy life would be if DTV would just embrace those two simple little concepts:

On the playlist, put smart search in the top half; either replace the PIP with it or put a button there for "Smart Search" that changes the top half of the playlist into a smart search area replacing the PIP and episode summary for that moment. I select "B", then "U". This narrows down my playlist to one folder, for Burn Notice, and the folder is already open and the top episode (the OLDEST one recorded) is already selected. One more click and away we go.

So how difficult is that? And where's Steve Jobs when we really need him?
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