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Sound Issue W/HR21-700 & HDMI ???

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Just finally moved to HD after 13yrs w/DTV, had a HR21-700 installed and hooked up with HDMI to my 4 yr old Sony. The R-10 that was prev hooked up to same TV was through S-Video and l & r audio cables to different input of TV. No sound issues at all.

Since install, when turning DVR & TV on, there will be no sound. Changing channels will correct the problem, and usually no more problem. Very infrequently, when changing channels, after watching awhile, the sound will not be on the changed channel, and going up or down and back it will return. The DVR is hooked up to the HDMI input and the orig connection with the R-10 is empty.

Anybody have this happen to them, is there a remedy, or is it one of those electronic bugs we have to live with sometimes??!!


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That's actually a pretty common HDMI interoperability problem with certain TV's. If it really bothers you, you could use component video cables with your RCA stereo cables.

See CEPro article: HDMI or Component? Integrators Weigh In
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