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Sound not working on some channels

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My baby got a hold of the remote this morning and now some channels have no sound, is there a way to mute the audio for individual channels?

The sound is fine on my other receivers.
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Not that I know of. Is it possible she changed a setting on the tv or receiver so its not decoding the dolby digital channels? First thing I would do, is reset the receiver. If that doesnt fix it, check that your audio settings are set correctly for whatever you are using to play the audio.
While seemingly impossible to drill down to, it sounds like the digital audio settings have been changed. This is hard to get to if you know precisely where you're going.

You may have to experiment to see what digital sound format your sound system prefers.
Yup, she must have hit something on the AVR, set it to the correct setting and it is back to normal. Thanks for the suggestions!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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