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Special DBSTalk.COM News Report (Updated 11pm Aug 22nd!)

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Join me Scott Greczkowski for the latest installment of the DBSTalk.COM News Update!


On this updated edition we talk about and show you the launch of Echostar 8, talk about the 721 software update, talk about a warning from DirecTV, talk about Changes at XM Satellite Radio and more! Don't you dare miss it

You can watch the video any time you want using the DBSTalk.COM Video on Demand service!

To view the show check one of the options below.

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Your comments are suggestions are always welcomed!
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When you talked about the new 721 software, the text in the graphic said "JVC TU-9000 Hi Def PVR," which was not what you were talking about.
Good catch!

I must have clicked the wrong graphic, since the JVC and the 721 look exactly the same.

Sorry about that and congrats for being the first to catch my goof!
I felt like you were really looking at us this time.
Good job!
I gotta give you props, Scott.

You are out there on the cutting edge! You really are 5 steps ahead of the rest of the field.

Keep up the good work. :)
Great show! Text graphic still reads JVC (Dial-Up/RealPlayer)
The graphics will be fixed tonight, and highlights from the launch will be shown. :)

Remember we are a new program and the launch and the launch video is considered news. :D
Sorry, Scott. From your post last night I ass/u/me-ed you had already corrected the graphic.

My bad. :(
Good going Scott, This was the best one yet. I'm with Jim, it looked much better, it looked like you were looking right at me.

Good Job :righton:
Take off the hat and sport a fancy coif and you will be a new TV anchor!

Eye contact looking good... soon you will have a studio set up.
I actually put on the hat for the newscast. :)

You can get one of those hats from our Online Store. (Any hats ordered will be new hats not the one I wear in the newscasts) :)
Come on Scott you know your fans want to buy YOUR hat.

Are going to put up an archive on the homepage where we can view the progression of Newsman Scott and his hat? :D
I second that... think an archive is a good idea (some of us missed it the 1st time around).
Actually all the episodes are still online, just do a search for the messages and you will find the archives. :)
I have just finished a new edition of the news which includes some new stuff such as...

Echostar 8 Launch
A Warning from DirecTV
Changes at XM
And more!

It should be available for viewing online within an hour.

Thanks for all your support!

Two comments:

1) MUCH better delivery. You did a great job on this one.
2) There was a typo on the "Porblem" screen

Excellent job again.....
Damn Fat Fingers. :D hahaha

Thanks for the comments!
Nice video you have. How long does it take you to make one of these videos?
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