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Specifc Sling bug - defaulting to unsubscribed channel

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I have noticed a specific bug with the sling application on both Android and Ios. Sometimes, it tries to connect to a channel that I have not subscribed to and then hangs at the "starting <receivername>" prompt. This is what I do - I open the app - just press "Live TV" from the app - without specifying a channel from the guide. In the app - I get a "connecting to <receivername>" and then "starting <receivername>". And then the app hangs at that prompt with the progress bar at 75% full. If I go to the hopper - I see that the sling_app is using one tuner - but it's tuned to a random channel like "Epix 3" or "Guns & Ammo Channel" etc. - these are channels that I don't subscribe to. I don't know what causes the sling app to connect to these channels by default - but when it does it hangs the app. To fix this - I have been trying various things - such as recording three programs at once to occupy all my tuners, stopping recording of one of the programs (to free up one tuner for sling to connect to) - and then connecting sling. This approach works sometimes, but not always. Somehow, there seems to be a bug with sling app randomly picking a channel to connect to at astart - and hanging if its a channel that I'm not currently subscribed to. I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this or not.
My setup is 2H/2J - both hoppers have sling adapters and both are connected via ethernet. My primary use of sling is thru an Android and Ipad app. There is no connectivity issue as when the app(s) work - everything is fine. And I've noticed that when they don't work in this specific manner - hanging at "Starting <receivername>" - it's usually because the sling app is tuned by default to an unsubscribed channel. This seems to be a bug in the app or the Hopper software.
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I get some of the same on RSN in HD the day after the game... it locks up wont change channels. Usualy have to reboot my box remotly to get it back working.
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