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Speed problems (again)

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It is taking forever to get on the site again. It seems to be an intermittant problem at the moment, but makes it pretty much useless right now. I have had to wait several minutes just to get to the forums main page.
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I just saw it too. I am keeping any eye on it. :)

The good news is its NOT the server, the bad news is its whoever provides access to the backbone to our ISP.

Last time we had a speed issue it was a router problem.
I see it too. We will stay on top of it. Thanks RKing.
2:02pm - speed looks OK from Nevele.
The speeds are jumping all over the place. I am monitoring the server now, sometimes I get 25ms acces time from the server and other times that climbs to over 300 ms.

25 is good, 300 is bad.

Time to kick the ISP. :D
Our ISP is now working on the issue.

Thanks for your patience!
Its only some pages. The threads seem to come up fast, but the index.php and home.php pages are really slow... :shrug:
When I reset the weather, the page loaded much quicker. Maybe its the weather function? Or am I barking up the wrong tree? That would explain why its the index.php and home.php pages...
Seems to be mostly the index page for me, although others are occassionally slow too.
Wish I knew James. Looking at the error log I have another idea of what I think it is. But I will hold of on saying what it is.

I will just say there has been NO CHANGE of those two pages today and for most of the day they were loading in under a half a second, and now they are sometimes taking 30 seconds or more.

Somethings up.
Since the index.php and home.php are most of the problem, that is why I thought about the weather... When I get a report, the page loads quickly, when it says "no data" or something like that, the page takes 15 seconds. I'm not sure if its the script that times out or what... Just a guess...
Let me remove the weather from the home.php and see what that does.

There is a totally new version of the weather I will install tommorow that is supposed to have a lot of bug fixes. :)

I may just have to install it today if thats the case. :D
Cool, I actually use the weather feature all the time... I'd hate to give it up. :D
Ok weather is GONE from the home.php page.

Let me know what you see for speed diffrences between home.php and index.php
Should I go ahead and take it off the main page as well?

I don't have time today to install the new weather program.

I can put up the weather offline box like I did on the home.php page.
I think James F hit the jackpot. It looks like the weather hack was the culprit. Maybe we should make you an honorary admin :)
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