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Splitting Single Line to Two Receivers SWMDish

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Recently had new SWMDish installed. Single wire comes down to an SMS-8 splitter. My question is, can I run two HD Receivers (not DVR's) off a single RG6 coming from the SMS-8? Can I put a splitter on that single line? I have two HR22's and two Hidef receivers in the house. Both the hi def receivers, though, are in the same room and only one RG6 comes to that room.

I hope my made that clear.

Thanks in advance,

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Yes you can. There is an SWS-2 splitter as well which would do exactly what you want.


That is the joy of SWM!
Awesome. Fast reply, thanks!

So I can stick the SWS-2 after an SWS-8. This is going to make my life easy!

Thanks again!
yup that will work fine. The lines can be split as many times as needed as long as you don't exceed your turn count or get too much loss on the line.
Yup, as long as you do not go over 8 total tuners on the system you are fine ;)
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