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Ratings aren't everything, but they can indicate a problem. According to this The Wrap article:

Nickelodeon said last fall that its ratings woes were temporary, but that doesn't look to be the case: This month, kids-TV rival the Disney Channel beat it for the first time in its average number of total daily viewers.

It's a notable milestone that Nick understandably downplays. It has ruled in the ratings category every month since June 1995, when TNT was tops. While other networks focus on primetime, kids networks fight for total-day bragging rights because their young viewers have many more hours of free time to spend in front of a TV set.

...Many parents have long complained that Nick airs too many reruns of popular staples like "SpongeBob SquarePants," as the Disney Channel generates new original programming like "Jessie" and "Good Luck Charlie" to continue the success of hits like the recently departed "Wizards of Waverly Place."

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Very easily understandable...

Right now, the Nick lineup is terrible... Our family finds itself pretty much on Disney Channel much more often.

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Fairly Oddparents is awesome! My 4 year old son discovered it a few months ago and now him and I regularly watch it together. It is hilarious and defintely has a Ren & Stimpy / Dexters Lab feel to it.

Penguins has been good too. I always thought they were the best part of that movie.

The main issue here is that Nick, Disney and Cartoon Network all seem to be aimed at different viewer types at different times. Our family finds ourselves flipping amongst them depending on the programs on at the time, not just because they are Nick, Disney or Cartoon Network. Each has their plusses and minuses and we view them accordingly.
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