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I suspect this has nothing to do with the CE, but I will ask it here just in case.

Many of the sports channels appear to be scheduled to move to different channel numbers on 8/13.

At this point, the program guide shows no data past 8/12 on either the current channel number or the scheduled new channel number.

This leaves no method to schedule recordings other than manual for any of the channels scheduled to move.

This shouldn't be a big problem for me, since I should be home on 8/13, but it will be a big problem for anyone who is scheduled to be out of town.

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This has been happening all summer.

The new channels appear on every other Wednesday. The old channels still exist but with programming data that says to tune to the new channel.

Add that series links and other recordings will not follow to the new channel as the new one exists in parallel to the old one.

It is painful but there hasn't been a large hue and cry and we are actually getting down toward the end of the transition.

(Oh, and add that this Thursday, a bunch of -1 channels will probably disappear as more RSNs are going full time HD.)
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