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Sports Package Issues...when resolved?

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If I have to deal with the same "episode partially recorded" when I get my MLB package in the spring as I did with the Sunday Ticket, I am going to scream.

The issue I am referring to is the bug listed below...and it seems to be effecting all sports packages and HD content on channel 95.

When is the fix going to be ready for this? When is the next software update? Has anyone talked to D TV to ask them specifically about this issue?

Is everyone who has sports packages having this same issue with trying to record games? This is a showstopper for me...I can't babysit my recording list every day.

Partial Recording Deleted (13)


Bug Name: Partial Recording Deleted (13)
Items scheduled to record do not record completely and are deleted from the Playlist.

Prognosis: Loss of recording, no warning or workaround.

History/Status: Currently active in 0x10b.

Symptom: A scheduled event does not appear in the MyPlaylist. History for the item displays the following message: "This episode was partially recorded because it became unavailable. (13)"

Treatment: There may be two or more triggers for this defect: 1) the event was to record from a channel that is transient in nature, eg. channel 95, the sports subscription channels in the 700s, etc. 2) Guide data might be changing during the recording.

Version 1, where the channel for the event is transient and perhaps causes the HR20 to think that a recording was unsuccessful or partial. Seems to be most often reported on sports subscription channels such as NFL ST, NHL Center Ice, and channel 95.

Version 2, three consecutive recordings for December 21, 2006, on SLC local OTA channel 2-1 KUTVDT generated this error. The first, "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" did not record at all. The next two, "CSI" and "Shark", generated two history items each. The first, at the correct time, was this error. The second history item for each was 3 minutes past the hour and was a successful recording and seemed to be nearly complete. Each recorded for 59 minutes.
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I had the "Partial Recording Deleted (13)" bug on 12/31/06 trying to record Law & Order at 9a and 10a (PST) on 75 TNTH. In afternoon, discovered no recordings and Deleted on History List. Have not had it yet on NHL Center Ice.
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