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Sports Packages pay it off vs installments

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To all who subscribe to sports packages I wanted to see which is a better way, i realize that everyone's situtation is different, peoples income dictate what they can and can't get and how to manage it in the comforts of there respected budgets.

I realize i dont have the exact cost for dollar for each package below but using a ballpark figure and im just using the main 4.

below are the packages and cost and what the usual monthly install is to each

MLB EI 215 + tax /4 install
NHL CI 170 + tax / 4
NBA LP 180 + tax/ 4
NFL ST 300+ tax/6

total 865 / 12 = 72.08 avg cost per month for sports packages if you have those 4, its more or less depending on what you have or not.

Paying it off vs installments for these packages, each has its advantages and disadvantage.

In my case i prefer to just pay it off, its done out of the way and i don't have to worry about it.

in the begining with Directv i was on installments, but i hated having to see a high montly bill. with the savings no longer in affect the premier is around for me 170 so that plus paying monthly sports packages were always high.

espically in the winter when you have 3 active, NHL NBA NFL all in the fall and winter months so let see NHL is around 42 NBA 48 NFL 50

so my monthly bill at times during the year would be 170 +42+48+50 = 310

so for about 3 months i was paying 310 a month, which is very extremly high.

so I began looking at it like this, let me start paying it off and it makes it easier.

it helps in feb during tax time, I took part of my refund and applied it to NFL and MLB packages. I paid including the tax 6% in my area

MLB was 227.90 NFL 317.95 = 545.85

so I paid that, and now my montly bill is back to 170 and im all set, im saving my money from work each week. I'm able to manage the way i pay it better.

as far as NHL i always pay that sep 1 year with tax for me 180.20

then oct 1 NBA which is about 190.20

So to any who sees this prehaps it could work better for you.
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For me it just depends, on a year I subscribe to MLB and NFL I pay off the one I get the promo or the better deal . The other I do monthly. The reason is I like my in market teams, so some years I don 't subscribe to any.
Any chance I get to extend payments of something over time (without interest), I take it.
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