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Can anyone tell me where you can find the assigned sports
areas for your zip code. In other words my zip code is 38876
and I believe that qualifies me for Fox Sports South only but
I know it is in sort of a 'dead' area for DMA purposes which
allows me to recieve distant nets. I know some areas are
overlapping for some teams etc. (perhaps this is a Atlanta
Braves and St. Louis Cardinal overlap area). Are there any
areas that are 'dead' that allow you to receive the broadcasts
of major leage sports from all the Fox channels and MSG etc.
Does anyone think it is a good buy to have the sports package
and is it worth the price for it? Of special interest to me is
college football, would I be able to receive any out of area
college football games this fall in my area?, especially West
Coast broadcasts etc. Thanks.

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I have the Dish Sports Pack and I always get ESPN Gameplan. I can't tell you anything about what RSN you qualify for, but as for college football I can tell you. On Saturdays in the fall 95% of the time if the game is offered on ESPN Gameplan and also broadcast on a RSN not your area it will be blacked out, on the RSN. If it is on the RSN but not available on ESPN Gameplan then it will not be blacked out (95% of time). If you are a true college football fan it is worth the money. For both sports pack and ESPN Gameplan. Please don't watch those overpaid babies in major league baseball.
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