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When will Standard TV catch up with HDTV? I am wondering about buy a HDTV now or shoud I wait until Standard TV is the same as HD. I would really like to update.

I'm thinking about a Sony 40" HDTV. Any thoughts about Sony?

Thanks, Ringfinder

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ringfinder said:
...should I wait until Standard TV is the same as HD.
I've had HD for some three years now and I enjoy it on both of my HDTVs. SD won't go away
completely for a long, long time, if ever. HD programming is really taking off now, but SD will
be around for years to come. Any HD programming not OTA will cost you monthly.

If you want to upgrade to an HD tv set, prices have been coming down recently, but some
say after the Superbowl will be a good time to find a low price. The bargains are out there
but do your research first, not after you buy like some peeps do.

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I have a Sony SDTV. It's pretty darn good. The OTA stuff I pick up is much better PQ than D*. Mine is 36" (full screen 4:3), so the stuff broadcast in HDTV that is 16:9 winds up being a 33" 16:9 picture.

Plus, an SDTV is about 1/3 to half the price of an HDTV. It (SDTV) can never really "catch up" to HDTV, but is far better than analog.
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