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I am curious about the standby feature. My old R10 didn't have anything like that. So firstly I gather it sort of shuts down the dvr although it will allow programs to record even in standby.
1. So does this mean it is using less energy? I couldn't find anything in the manual.
2. Is it a good idea to put it in standby when done using the dvr?

3. Is the only way to put it in standby is to go to that via the menu, or on the front of the dvr? I don't see anything on the remote.

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Standby on the other models essentially blanks the video outputs and mutes the sound. Everything else keeps going. I would imagine the DIRECTiVo HD is virtually the same.

At some point, you may be able to find power consumption statistics on the WWW but don't expect much of a savings.

On the non-TiVo models, they seem to process the background tasks faster when in standby.
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