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Hmm...Some of those links that I posted some time ago in the AVS Forum are now dead.

....Anyway, I'm quite convinced that the CDN mini-dish systems are now better value than their US cousins....(yes I did have DirecTv for four years)

i.e......E+W US Nets + locals from across Canada for all subs
........100 audio channels....US Fms, CDN FM's+ 40 commercial free(*Choice)
.......newschannels galore(CNN, Headline News, CTV NewsNet, CBC Newsworld, MSNBC, BBC World, CNBC+ROBTV) (*Choice)
......excellent picture quality.
.....5.1 DD sound on movie channels
......zero rain fade(*Choice):hi:

Originally posted by rich b
The channel canada forum only talks about birds (starlings) now?
What happened?

Rich B
That is an accurate description of the state of commercial broadcasters in Canada now - for the birds.

If it weren't for the excellent programming choices on the federal & provincial government owned services (CBC, TVO, Knowledge, Access etc) - Canadian tv would all be for the birds
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