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Note: Summary rant at the bottom for those who don't want to read all this.;)

I have always done things myself when it came to my DirecTV setup. Other than my first dish which was installed by a local reseller, I have installed my own Phase III, AT9 and now Slimline. I have bought and installed my own multiswitches and receivers as well.

A couple of weeks ago my parents started receiving calls about upgrading their HR10 to an MPEG-4 compatible receiver. The people that called told her it would be free but she didn't know anything about it so she told them they would have to speak to me. They called 3 times and I finally called back on the number they gave about the "free upgrade." Well, it seems when DirecTV calls you, the upgrade is free, but when you call them, its $99 and they didn't want to budge.

The only HD my parents watch is ESPN and OTA and for the now the HR10 had that covered, so I told the lady on the phone thanks, but no thanks and I would just wait for them to call back. She had me wait and after being on hold for an extended period of time, told me she could do it for free.

Then I hit her with the "well, if we don't get and HR20, we will need an AM21. Back on hold for another extended period of time, she says my parents could have it free, but they would need to wait and see what receiver they got. I asked her to make sure it was noted on the account. So they were set for an install of receiver and dish yesterday.

So I go to my parents to wait for the installer who shows up inside window.:up: Goes in and replaces HR10 with HR21. Now one line fo the HR10 had a diplexor on it, but he didn't remove it and just connected the BBC's to the receiver and called to activate it. After activating it, he does a download and hands me the order to sign. I ask about the dish and he says he doesn't have one and one is not on the order.:( I tell him there is supposed to be one and he says sorry.

Note: My old AT9 is on their roof as their Phase III was damaged in a garage fire. The local reseller came and installed my old AT9, but at the time, they didn't know how to peak that dish and the 103 was not broadcasting.

So I ask him to peak the dish and he says he can't as the old dish is picking up about as well as it can and I need to call back and set up an appointment to have a new one installed.:mad2:

So I go in to see if the download is finished and I have a 771 error. I go to check signal levels and get nothing on the 103(c). Then I remember the diplexors. So I remove the diplexer from the receiver end and the multiswitch end and get rid of the 771 error. Then I go to check signal strengths. 60's and 70's.

So I call DirecTV and get the install department and explain the installer didn't bring a dish and I am told it was on the work order. (So something tells me the dish meant for my parents ended up "falling off the van" and $50 ended up in the installers pocket.

So they make another appointment for next Friday to come and install the dish. (Yes I understand there is an AT9 there, but it is mine, I paid for it from Solidsignal and I want it back to take to my cabin.) Then I ask about ordering the AM21 and I am told there would be a charge. I said no, look at the account notes. She couldn't find anything.

So at this point I am ready to pay the $300 for my parents and send them back to cable which has their locals in HD and ESPNHD which is all they really need. So I tell her to send the installer back out to get the receiver and we will be cancelling. Another extended hold period and she comes back and tells me the AM21 has been ordered and there would be no charge.

:rant: Summary

1) DirecTV calls and offers a free upgrade, then when you call them back, they no nothing about it being free. Hey, you called me (or in this case my parents) with the offer.

2) The installer did not bring the materials specified on the work order, did not have the receiver in working order when he left, refused to peak the dish. As installs go, this should have been a fairly easy one.

3) He did not check or remove the diplexors that he had to know were there as the one on the receiver was about 4 inches from the cable he connected to the BBC. As a result, the system was inoperable. Had I not been there, a couple in their 80's would have had no TV.

4) When I called to get the AM21 agreed to in the previous call, the agent had no idea about it and couldn't find anything about it in the notes.

5) I have to make myself available on another day for the dish install. I think I will swap my AT9 for an old gainmaster before he gets there.

6) And as icing on the cake, not one person mentioned anything about the 2-year commitment.

Now I know alot about how the system works, and the 2 year commitment etc. But if this had been done to someone who had no idea, I can see how some of these posters feel they are being treated.:(

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I'll only speak in regards to #2.

The number of legacy HD swap out work orders that DON'T have the dish upgrade on them has skyrocketed. I honestly think I have more upgrades that are missing the dish line item than those that actually have it. Something is screwed up in DirecTvs ordering system (shocker huh?) So to cover myself, I usually start the week with between 9-12 Ka/Ku dishes on my van. :) So, I don't think your dish fell off the van.

Everything else I pretty much agree with.
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