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Starz: OAR & not OAR

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why does starz show some movies in oar while others not:

1. "the mummy" a 2:35.1 movie was not shown in oar but in 1:85.1 so that it fit the entire screen.
2. "cars" & "pirates of the caribbean 3" both 2:35.1 movies were shown in oar 2:35.1.

is there a rhyme or reason ?

what they should at least do is if they arent going to show the 9:00pm in oar at least show it again at 3:00am in oar so we can dvr it.
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I assume it based on the copies(versions) of the films they are able to get.
Not specifically about those movies, but some Starz movies are what is called open matte, which means that the movie was created with both a wide screen shot and with extra material on the top and bottom that is normally masked in the OAR presentation but the mask is removed for 16:9 presentation.
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