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Storm knocks out Tuner 1 on HR20-100

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A bad storm yesterday caused a power spike or surge to my HR20-100 and as a result I have zero signal on Tuner 1 causing loss of service. The DVR is stuck showing "Acquiring Guide Data" message. I can still access my recordings. I've been through all the troubleshooting steps with protection plan tech support and they suspect a bad tuner.

D* is sending a tech out this Tuesday to double check everything and replace the DVR if needed. I was hoping to get a temporary signal since Tuner 2 is showing a great signal on all transponders but swapping the cables has not worked. Any way around this so I can watch HD between now and then?

Also I was hoping to keep this box since I have some recordings on it. Is there any way to just replace the bad tuner if that's all it is or do I have to part with the entire box? I asked D* if I could keep it and they said the tech will take it if I do a replacement, or I could take advantage of my free HD DVD upgrade and get another DVR, but that there's no way to guarantee the model I'll get, which I suspected already.

Guess since I've had this box for 4.5 years it's time to give it up. I'll see what the tech brings out and what the issue really is on Tuesday.

Any advice or input is greatly appreciated.
Thanks! :)
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If its a problem with the box, the tech can't fix it, he'd just replace the box itself.
Guess I should have done some searching on here first. Looks like losing Tuner 1 was a common issue after bad storms. I'm trying a 30 minute unplug now to see if that helps. I really hope it's not a bad tuner :(
SUCCESS!!! The 30 minute unplug worked and I now have both tuners working again. Looks like I'll be seeing Shameless and the Walking Dead in HD tonight after all.

Now I just need to call back D*, cancel the service appointment and try to get a another good deal on renewing MLB Extra Innings :D

Thanks to all for posting advice on previous posts related to this issue!!! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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