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Hi Guys, finnaly got a straight answer from D*.

I jsut got off the phone with a D* tech support guy and he told me that hr21 scales NOTHING!

I'm paraphrasing but basically what he said was that whatever resolution the signal that's being broadcast is in, that's what it will be displayed as.

In other words, if its a 480i siganal on whatever channel, even if you switch to 1080i on your hr21, it is still going to output 480i.

I was under the impression that it scaled, and I don't mean size. I mean scaled resolutions. IT DOES NOT.

So just uncheck all resolutions except 1080i take it off native, and that's it. Unless when your watching HD you want to see it go from 1080i down to 480i during a commercial or watch non widescreen format content in pillar box format and not stretch it to widescreen.

Don't be either mislead or mistaken thinking that SD is going to be scaled up resolution wise, to HD resolutions.

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The output is always at what you set it at if you only have one thing selected.

If you have them all (or multiple ones) selected, it will output in native.

You can tell as on many TVs it will resync when you change between channels if you allow the receiver to output the native channel resolution. I have mine locked on 1080 for this reason as I was sick of the resyncing when changing between channels and really did not notice a difference in PQ.

I dont know why you didnt just come here and ask, CSRs are notorious for all having different answers and info.
not a third thread about the same thing.:nono: :nono:
I am going to close this thread since there are two other already.
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