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strange message when using EHD on Hopper?

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I get program not available in this area on some of my EHD recordings? Example its a recording from the movie channel. At this time i do not sub to the movie channel..
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Is there more to what you are trying to say? IE: I have recordings on an EHD which will not play. If this is what you mean, it seems to be a software glitch which is fixed on newer updates. If it is something else, could you please restate.
Im writing these from my phone. I have recordings on my external drive that were recorded on my old 722 that will not play using the hopper. I get "program not available in this area"
Well known and already discussed issue - try to find a few threads in the 813/110 forum.
Actually I haven't been seeing this issue being discussed. I have seen discussions about "you are not currently subscribed" however that is said to have been fixed in S215 (and for me that is the case.) "Program not available in this area" is news to me.

OP, next time you see this message, can you notate the error number? Is it error 743? What version of the software does your Hopper have? Also, how long have you had your Hopper? If you've had it a while did you ever notice it before or did it just start doing this?
It's same set of errors - using EHD from previous 622/722/922 DVR.
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