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m4p said:
Hi, I have 2 receivers, an HR24-500 and an HR20-700. I first noticed the problem on the HR24 where when you would change the channel, the picture would disappear. No error messages, just a blank screen.

I discovered a fix for it when I decided to check the signal strength, thinking perhaps the very bitter cold weather we're having might be the cause. The signal strength showed good signal, with numbers mostly in the 90's. So I exited out of the signal meter, and as soon as I did, the picture popped back in. It doesn't seem to matter which tuner I'm using, the same thing keeps happening, and then is temporarily corrected after checking the signal strength.

I reset that receiver, and so far, for the past day it's been working fine.

As to the HR20-700, I will get a searching for signal 771 on tuner 1. Again, if I go into signal strength, let the numbers populate, then go back to watching tv, the picture comes right back. I'm not sure if this is happening on both tuners, or only on tuner 1. I did reset the HR20-700, but the problem came back.

Does anyone have any idea about this problem? I know I should get a tech out, but there's a lot of snow and bitter cold so I've been proscrastinating.
I am having exactly the same problem. It does it when it darn well feels like it. Hope somebody finds a fix!
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