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Strange WHDVR issue

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I just activated WHDVR service (unsupported) over the weekend and am having a strange issue where one of my H23's does not show as being authorized for WHDVR, but my HR24 and my other H23 do. Here is what I have:

HR24-200 - Located in Family Room, shows "Whole-Home DVR: Authorized"
H23-600 - Located in Master BR, shows "Whole-Home DVR: Authorized"
H23-600 - Located in Office, shows "Whole-Home DVR: Not Authorized"

All receivers are on the same IP subnet (192.168.0.xxx), all have been named, and all have Allow enabled for external access.

I am on a SWIM system with a wired DECA/CCK. Both H23's have DECA units. The HR24 has playlist sharing allowed.

I have menu reset the H23 in the office, but still there is no Recordings option in the menu and WHDVR is "Not Authorized".

What am I missing here? I can't figure out why WHDVR on the office H23 won't work. :confused:
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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