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Stuttering on sny-hd

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Watching mets pregame on sny-hd and there is a stutter to the picture every sec or so. This channel has had some problems the last few days and havent seen anything posted on here. Others with problems?

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I just checked it out on the Mets game (coming back from commercial starting the bottom of the 8th). I am not seeing any stutter. Is yours still doing it?

If so,does it do it if you are back in the buffer? There was an old bug about being caught up to "live" TV in the buffer that usually a single skip back fixed but I haven't seen that in a long time. Also usually fixed by retuning the channel.

Also, do you see this if you record the channel?

Or maybe you just need a reboot....
Seemed to have been fixed near the end of the game.
Okay, I checked too late. Maybe an SNY problem or DirecTV one that was found out.
Maybe Keith Hernandez just stutters..
I've also been seeing video stutter problems on SNY-HD the past few weeks. Usually minor and infrequent.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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