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Suggestion: Computer control 311

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I have a need @ work to control a Dishnetwork 311 remotely. Obviously the only way to do this (since there is no serial connections) is via an IR blaster connected to the PC. Anyone doing this? Any suggestions on a stable/quality setup? Windows XP based software only please...

Thanks in advance,

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I didn't think about slingbox... I'll have to look into it.

Its a corporate environment so I am pretty limited. I have remote control capability of the PC near the system. The entire system is run by an embedded XP box that pushes informational slides out normally, and TV when scheduled.

So a normal thing would be to schedule TV and I schedule the 311 for the channel desired. The problem I'm trying to solve is last minute schedule changes when no one is onsite AND the limitations of the 311 (10 scheduler limit and 48 hour guide).

By the way... I am the network weenie manager for the site - but I still have to abide by the corporate restrictions.

harsh said:
The Slingbox can't help you with the guide limitations at this point.

Do the viewing choices change that frequently or could you set up some weekly timers?

You're almost into WMC territory.
Viewing choices do change frequently... ran into the 10 scheduled event limitation during the hurricane. And now with football season.. sigh.

Typically we can manage, but twice in the last month something came up that required a weekend change or frequent changes. The whole TV thing is a ridiculous item (in my opinion they need to be working not worrying about whether or not they had to watch Nancy Grace because of a scheduling change)...

And I have to keep Dishnetwork because of a corporate channel thats broadcast by Dish...
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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