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PaulieORF said:
I know a lot of people who had Sunday Ticket last season just simply call and threaten to cancel the package, and they'll credit you the $99 Superfan fee, but as a new customer what can I do? If I call in and say I want MLB Extra Innings and Sunday Ticket plus their respective Superfan packages, but that they are just too expensive, would they give me some sort of deal, or would I be pushing my luck?

Thanks in advance.
I don't think there are alot of people getting SF free this year. I've seen a few people post that they have, but it appears that many more (including myself) were not able to get it free this year despite getting it free every other year since SF was introduced. I may call one more time and try before the season starts.

It doesn't hurt to go ahead and try and negotiate for free SF though, all they will do is say no.
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