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Sunday's (8/18/02) MLB TV Schedule

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Some listings shwing the Phillies game for a start time of 2pm ET.
Sunday C-band in the clear Astros, Royals, Devil Rays, Orioles, Cardinals & Rangers network feeds.
DirecTV EI channel 757 appears to be skipped on Sunday.

10:05 AM PT/1:05 PM ET
Rockies (KWGN) @ Braves (TBS Superstation)

10:10 AM PT/1:10 PM ET
Dodgers (KCOP) @ Mets (WPIX)

10:15 AM PT/1:15 PM ET
Astros (KNWS/KBEJ) @ Reds (FSN Cincinnati & EI 754)
Royals (KMBC/KGEB) @ Devil Rays (WMOR)

10:35 AM PT/1:35 PM ET
Tigers (FSN Detroit & Ei 755) @ Orioles (WBDC-O's TV)
Padres (KUSI) @ Expos (No TV)
Cardinals (KPLR/KWBT) @ Phillies (WPSG)
Brewers (WISN/FSN North-Wisconsin) @ Pirates (WCWB/FSN Pittsburgh & EI 756)

11:20 AM PT/2:20 PM ET
Diamondbacks (KTVK) @ Cubs (WGN/WGN Superstation)

12:05 PM PT/3:05 PM ET
Yankees (YES) @ Mariners (FSN Northwest & EI 758)

1:05 PM PT/4:05 PM ET
Giants (KTVU/KMAX) @ Marlins (FSN Florida & EI 760)
White Sox (FSN Chicago) @ Athletics (FSN Bay Area & EI 759)

5:05 PM PT/8:05 PM ET
Red Sox @ Twins = ESPN Sunday Night Baseball
Blue Jays (Rogers Sportsnet) @ Rangers (KDFI)
Indians (No TV Allowed) @ Angels (No TV Allowed)
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10:00 AM PT/1 PM ET
Slamin' Sammy (WGN Superstation)
Animated story about Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa.
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