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I liked it a lot. They made the villains much more sinister. Marlon Brando's return was extremely satisfying. The moment where Jor El warns Kal El not to throw away his powers for selfish reasons was chilling as you could see the parental disappointment in his choice. Ditto for the price he would have to pay to undo it.

The turning back of time was supposed to be the ending for Superman II which would enable Lois to go back to being her clueless self. They wound up using it for Superman 1 instead. That awful and disturbing memory loss kiss (?!??!) almost killed the original movie for me.

Going back to the diner at the end should have come out. If time was restored to an earlier time, Kent comes in as a thug, mugs the guy for no reason, and then throws money at the owner of the diner to fix his pinball machine.

All in all it was enjoyable to watch it. It even looks good on HD DVD. I wonder how many other movies out there could be restored to include footage that would improve the original. The grandaddy of these will always be Cameron's The Abyss. A movie made MUCH better by the addition in the Special Edition of a darker side to the aliens who throw a tidal wave at the coastal cities to let them know they mean business....
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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