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Superstations packa is still available in most of the country. Some places (like L.A.) do not qualify for UPN others may not qualify for the WB affiliates. It's 100% dependend on your local affiliate. Again in most of the country the super Stations package sells for $4.99/mo or individually for $1.50 each.

When purchased in a package of locals or distants, there is a discount.

Distant package + Superstations= $7.99
2 Distantpackages + Superstations = $9.99
Locals+1 Distant package+ Superstations=$10.99

Distant packages normally $4.99/mo
Locals normally $5.99/mo

You can see if you qualify for Supers in the Dish Network web page..click on locals...click on "Do you qualify?" fill in the blanks. Or go to http://echostar.swiki.net/52 and go to the bottom of the page to the form and fill in the blanks and see what Dish says.

Supers consist of
WSBK UPN Boston (Eastern Time)
WWOR UPN New York (Eastern Time)
WPIX WB New York (Eastern Time)
KWGN WB Denver (Mountain Time)
KTLA WB Los Angeles (Pacific Time)

WGN Superstation (which is NOT WGN9 Chicago) is in AT100CD
TBS (no W--WTBS is the sole broadcast affiliate of TBS Cable Channel) is in AT50

See ya
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