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Surge Suppressor???

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Got a question for you experts out there: I have had a surge suppressor on the RG-6 cable feeding my sattellite receiver for the past several years (one of those combos that does surge suppression for the power as well as surge suppression for the coaxial cable). However, in the past couple of weeks, I have been losing my signal, with a complete loss of signal for the past 2-3 days. I tried removing the coax surge suppressor, connecting directly from the sattelite to the receiver, and everything works perfectly. Am I setting up my receiver to get fried?

I live in Southern California, so the lightning risk is quite low; and I am guessing that a surge suppressor is not designed to protect against a lightning shock anyways.

Any ideas or insights out there on this?
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I would dump the surge for a new one, or better yet a UPS that filters the electric current and keeps it constant.
I had a bad UPS/suppresor recently that actually could have caused more damage than it was supposed to protect! The way I found out that it had gone bad was when it started shutting down whenever my air conditioner would kick in... exactly the sort of thing it was supposed to be conditioning the line to prevent! And the only way to reset it was to power it down, unplug, then plug in... AND it no longer supported simultaneous turn-on of my TV and audio receiver as it had up to that point.

Luckily no damage to my equipment, and my new supressor is working like a charm.

So I second the recommendation to look into a new protector as your current one may be on its way to a breakdown.
Good troubleshooting.

Most surge supressors, while fine for cable TV, really aren't designed to handle the voltage and frequencies of a Sat. feed cable, especially DishPro equipment. It sounds like it lasted a while then finally burned out.

You should be fine. And you are right, if your dish takes a direct lightning hit, a surge suppressor probably wouldn't have saved your receiver anyway.
Thats very interesting - I did just replace my old dual lnb with a new dpp plus lnb to support a new 721 receiver. Maybe the old surge supressor was not capable of the DPP equipment. Thanks for the info.
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