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Ok, as you all know, the final episode of Survivor 4 airs this coming Sunday night. After Thursday's episode there will be 4 survivors left to battle it out over the last 3 days on the island. There will be 3 votes in the final episode - 2 tribe members voted off the island, and the final vote for the winner. Here's how we are going to handle these final 3 votes:

Thursday night after the episode, I will update the week 3 results, and then post the final 3 polls. The remaining 4 survivors will be in all 3 of the polls. You will need to vote in all 3 of the polls - the 1st one for who will be the 13th person voted out, the 2nd poll for the 14th person voted out, and the 3rd poll for who the winner will be. It's unfortunate that all 3 votes will be in the final episode, but I think this is the fairest way we can set this up for our contest. The 3 final polls will close Sunday afternoon at 6:00pm ET, so you will only have 3 days to vote.

Final results will be posted on Monday morning next week, and the winner will be contacted via email or PM.

Any questions, post them here.
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