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Survivor Contest: Poll #2 - POLL CLOSED

1537 Views 8 Replies 4 Participants Last post by  Mark Lamutt
Tammy got the axe last night after a concerted effort to sway the powers that be in her direction. Surprisingly, Vecepia also got votes. Who will be next one to leave the island? Poll closes Thursday at 6:00 pm ET.
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As a followup to the poll question, please note the phrasing of the question - Who will be the next one to leave?, not Who will be the next one voted off? If you watched the previews for next week's episode, you will know that
something bad, most likely injury wise happens to one of the contestants, which may require a medical evac.
I personally don't think anything happens to anyone. I think there is a fire in the camp.
Didn't my vote of Tammy count last week? I picked Vecepia this time and voted. She's tied for the lead now. What will happen next week? How about the phone calls to home? That's why everyone started crying!!
Ok, Mike - I went back and saw your message. I'll add you to the Tammy list in the results post. This time, please make sure you acutually use the poll to vote - that's how I'm tabulating the results.
That's cooll! Thanks! I voted this time. I didn't know you could tell if I picked Tammy and voted for her. I guess you can tell. This week I voted for V and wrote her in the message as a backup.
I just watched the preview for next week's episode again, and at the end it specifically said "Who will be voted out next?" So, I don't think the spoiler is true.

I'm still debating who to vote for this time. I probably won't decide until the day before the show.
Ok, week #2 is now over. Here's how you all voted:

Rob: dankimjohn, J Rath, JohnL, karl_f, Mark Lamutt, poeppe, Scott Greczkowski, timf

Sean: Chris Blount

Vecepia: Bowling For Soup, Cabinwood, Curtis0620, DBSOgre, John, John Corn, Mike, wavehawk

Kathy: Crabby Bill, Mark

Neleh: jegrant, Z'Loth

Good luck everyone! Results will be posted tomorrow.
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So, even after all the gameplaying by everyone last night, Big Rob, "The General" got the axe. Week 2 results are as follows:

dankimjohn - 1
J Rath - 1
JohnL - 1
karl_f - 1
Mark Lamutt - 1
poeppe - 1
Scott Greczkowski - 1
timf - 1

Chris Blount - 0
Bowling For Soup - 0
Cabinwood - 0
Curtis0620 - 0
DBSOgre - 0
John - 0
John Corn - 0
Mike - 0
wavehawk - 0
Crabby Bill - 0
Mark - 0
jegrant - 0
Z'Loth - 0
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