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swapping receivers at vacation home

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I have an account with Dish and have a 722 receiver and USB drive and have recorded about 300 movies. I am scheduled to activate a second account at a vacation home that I own which will also have a 722. I would like to make a one time swap of the receivers so that the receiver with the movies is at the vacation home. Both receivers will be leased. is this doable and if so how do I go about getting it accomplished.

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Call Dish and explain the situation, see what they can do.

I'm not sure the swap of accounts would help, though, the receiver might want to reformat the EHD since the EDH is tied to the account, not the receiver.

Sounds like you have a rather unique situation.
Thanks, Is it possible to just move the hard drive and leave the receivers alone?
The external hard drive can be used on multiple receivers now, as long as they are on the same account... since you are setting up two accounts (kudos for doing things the right way by the way) you won't be able to use your hard drive on the other account. I'm not sure Dish considered the possibility of this... and even if you pay enabling fees for both of your unique accounts, you still won't be able to move the hard drive between accounts... something that seems like it should be permissable, but I gather it just technically wasn't designed to work that way and not sure if Dish will make such a thing possible.

Meanwhile... one possibility comes to mind if I'm reading what you want to do correctly.

IF you intend to move the use of your hard drive permanently to the new account... probably the easiest thing to do would be:

1. Get your 2nd account working properly with its new receiver.
2. Call Dish and change your service address for BOTH accounts (swap the info so that old account now goes to the new address and new account goes to the old address).
3. Physically swap your receivers, and take the hard drive with you to the new address along with your old receiver.

I suspect Dish will not be able to do the sane thing and make a change to your account in the computer to move the drive... something like that should be doable, but I suspect not easily.. and I do not believe there is a way to move a leased receiver from one account to another... plus you'd still have the problem that the hard drive is "married" to your old account and not your old receiver.

Unless I'm missing something, nothing I suggest (steps 1-3) would constitute any kind of service violation since you'd still be paying for two accounts and you'd actually be moving the receivers to go along with the address changes. If you can get a CSR that understands it, this should be doable within just a few minutes. You *might* even be able to make the change yourself online but I'm not certain about that.
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What might be simpler is to first move the old existing account to the vacation home using Dish Move, then create a new account at your old address.
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