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okypinoky said:
Good Day -

As a new Dish DVR and HD DVR user, coming from TiVo has been a difficult transition, but I am adjusting well. I have finally gotten rid of the shakes and am beginning to feel less like I have lost a best friend.

Anyway, I have run into a small question that I can not seem to resolve. I have two DVRs, one HD the other a regular DVR.

The HDTV had PiP as a basic function. As such, swapping between tuners is very easy on the HD DVR by simply hitting the "Swap" button.

However, the TV at which I have the regular DVR does not have PiP (much older TV) and I can not seem to find out how to swap between the two tuners. This is extreamly helpful when trying to watch two channels at the same time - ESPECIALLY if each tuner maintains the hour (or so) of rewind time.

Any suggestions or "how to"s would be greatly appreciated!!


By default all newer Two Tuner Dish receivers are set to Dual mode. In Dual Mode each satellite tuner is tied to its own output either TV1 or TV2. PIP is not possible in Dual Mode.

In Single mode the swap and pip button are enabled, but in single mode any and all TV's connected via either TV1 or TV2 outputs will be watching the same thing.

To swtich between Single and Dual modes all that you need to do is press the front panel button labeled "mode".

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