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Good Day -

As a new Dish DVR and HD DVR user, coming from TiVo has been a difficult transition, but I am adjusting well. I have finally gotten rid of the shakes and am beginning to feel less like I have lost a best friend.

Anyway, I have run into a small question that I can not seem to resolve. I have two DVRs, one HD the other a regular DVR.

The HDTV had PiP as a basic function. As such, swapping between tuners is very easy on the HD DVR by simply hitting the "Swap" button.

However, the TV at which I have the regular DVR does not have PiP (much older TV) and I can not seem to find out how to swap between the two tuners. This is extreamly helpful when trying to watch two channels at the same time - ESPECIALLY if each tuner maintains the hour (or so) of rewind time.

Any suggestions or "how to"s would be greatly appreciated!!

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