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swapping TV 2 myself

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When I got Dish installed, they set up the VP 622 receiver in my bedroom, with TV 2 being downstairs. I also had a separate receiver in the itchen. Decided we never used the kitchen TV so I got rid of that receiver. Now, we don't use the downstairs TV so I want to make the kitchen TV, TV # 2. Can I do that myself of do I have to pay $65 for Dish to come out and do it for me?
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Disconnect cable #2 (to the downstairs) from the box, and connect kitchen cable to the box.

Only you can decide if you are capable of making that switch or not. It could take 5 mins of cable connections, or three days of drilling, making cables, crimping and fish-lines.

If the cables are in place where you need them, it's pretty simple. If they are not, well, there's worse things to spend $65 bucks on.
Actually, you shouldn't need to lay any more cable that you have now (assuming that you still have a cable running to the kitchen).

Unless you have two cables running to your bedroom, you will need to get a couple of diplexers.

The easy part: In your bedroom, run a cable from the wall to one of the diplexers. Run a cable from the UHF/VHF port on the diplexer to the TV2 output on your 622. Run a cable from the Sat port on the diplexer to the DPP separator (which in turn plugs into the sat 1 & sat 2 ports on the 622).

The slightly more difficult part: You need to find the switch. It most likely is near your dish. Then, figure out which cable runs to your bedroom and which one runs to your cable by unplugging one cable and see which of your receivers doesn't work. One of the cables won't affect any of your receivers and that will most likely be the one running to your kitchen. Attach the cable running to your kitchen to the UHF/VHF port of the second diplexer. Attach the cable running to your bedroom to the Sat port of the diplexer. Run a cable from the switch to the In/Out port of the diplexer.

Plug in the kitchen TV and you should be set.

If you buy any cables for this, they must be RG6 coax cables (you can get away with using any coax cable between the TV2 output and the diplexer).
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