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From Android Central:
SwiftKey -- the Android Central 2011 keyboard of the year -- has declared war on the spacebar. Never mind that its April Fool's joke actually was to introduce the world's longest spacebar. The latest update to SwiftKey -- dubbed SwiftKey 3 -- introduces, among other features, Smart Space.

Traditionally, Android keyboards use the spacebar as a means to select a suggested word. Or, perhaps, to put a space in a sentence. Or to insert a period at the end of a sentence. Smart Space takes advantage of SwiftKey's Fluency prediction engine and goes a step further than any other keyboard we've used. You no longer have to put spaces between words when typing. (It does still do the traditional space and punctuation thing, though.)
You've really got to try this one out to believe it. One slight catch here --

SwiftKey 3's still in beta, and you can only get it through their VIP community. So hit the link below and give it a shot. It's available for tablets and smartphones
http://vip.swiftkey.net/ This site has been having serious issues. The apk can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/HKAPLw

I've been using it for about a half hour....very cool..and spooky. I typed a 8 word sentence with out spaces and it figured it correctly.
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