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Here at SwiftKey we like to listen to our customers. We talk to you on Twitter, chat to you on Facebook, we have a VIP Community for in-depth conversations and testing out new features and functionality, and we have our public feedback forum where you can let us know what new features you'd like us to introduce.
So we know what you want, and today we're going to give it to you.

Introducing: SwiftKey Mono - the world's longest spacebar!
The top most-requested feature in our feedback forum is a longer spacebar. You asked for it, you got it! In fact, there's nothing BUT spacebar! This is the longest that a spacebar can possibly be!
We believe that SwiftKey's predictions are so good, you don't need anything else. Who needs letters and numbers and punctuation marks? They just take up space where you could have a really long spacebar!


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