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When I turn on the Hopper the first time each day I get a window that says checking switches. There is 3 tuners listed and it says checking 1 of 2 for each tuner. Then it will say checking 2 of 2 for each tuner. After that it allows whatever station I'm watching to come up on the TV. Does NOT do this from the Joey's as most times I turn on a Joey in the bedroom to get the morning news while dressing. Then I go into the living room and turn on main TV and Hopper. This is where I get it. Most times do to TV warmup I either catch the tail end of the checking or if I turn on TV first, let it warm for a few seconds and then turn on the Hopper I see this screen. Maybe most TV's take enough time to warm that you don't see this screen or mine may be messed up.
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