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rwbuck said:
I will be dropping my cable service soon and will probably go with Dish Network. I have a lot of questions and hope someone can help me.

First off, I have an old Starband dish on my roof as I was a beta tester for Starband. Can this dish be re-used?

I will be hooking up 4 TVs. One is HD. Don't want to do any recording or pausing. What equipment will I get?
That depends, but why are you against DVR?? Dish's DVR is a pretty good system and can operate two TV's.

I want to run all the cable myself. What kind of RG6 cable should I use? How many cables will I need to run? I plan on running them to a central point close to where my present dish is located?
Again, why do you want to run everything yourself. It will depend on the receivers that you get setup on how it should be run. But, with the modern DPP systems, you will only need one run of RG6 to each receiver. Any kind of RG6 will do, as its bascically the same, just stay away from the lesser RG59 if you can.

What satellites will I have to be able to "see"?

Thanks in advance!

This depends on your location and the programming you choose. Most likely one of 3 options. A dish 500 pointed at 110/119, A Dish 1000 pointed at 110/119/129, or a Dish 500 pointed at 100/119 and another Dish pointed at 61.5, but again those are the most standard setups and could vary if you want international programming or some of the special interest programming on other sats.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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