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Switching from E* to D*: chance I will not get waivers?

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I am currently an E* subscriber and am considering switching to D* because
of Tivo. I get the distant broadcast feeds
of CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox over E* because of my location in Ithaca, NY. I know that I have to resubmit my application for the local broadcast
station waiver. However, is there a chance that this
time around I will not get a waiver? I called D* customer service
and they said they couldn't check if I qualified
for waivers until I had an active account!

Also, this question could be answered by
someone in Ithaca who has D* with the
distant network feed.

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Yes, there is a chance that you will get denied waivers if you switch. But there's probably a better chance that you win't be denied - it really depends on how far out you live from the stations in your DMA. You could call the stations in question and ask them.

I'm assuming that Directv does in fact have national network feeds available for people with waivers?
Yes, Directv has New York and Los Angeles feeds for those who are granted disntant nets waivers.

I currenly have a waiver for Fox (don't ask me why 'cause I don't know why) and they come in on channel 388 and 389 (NY and LA).
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