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I'm looking to upgrade my current Directv setup to the whole home DVR setup. Here is what I currently have installed:

Living Room: HR20 with Swim Adapter, 2 Ethernet ports (1 currently used for ON Demand, other hooked to PS3)
Theater Room: HR20, 2 Ethernet ports (1 For On demand)
Master Bedroom: Standard def box, 2 Ethernet ports (none used)
Bedroom #1: Standard def box, 2 Ethernet ports (none used)

My questions are as follows:
1. What do I need equipment wise to get this upgraded? I know I will need HD boxes to replace the standard def boxes if I want to view in either of the bedrooms, but what other equipment will I need?
2. Can I install this stuff my self?
3. Will this cause me to be hooked back in for 2 yrs again? Currently operating without a commitment.
4. I'd like to go ahead an turn this on without changing the standard receivers out? Will I need to add any equipment to just share between the 2 receivers?
5. Anything else I missed or advice?


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Q1. You need 2 receiver decas. A swim lnb 3 or 5. a power insert-er. 1 4 way swim splitter. a 2 way splitter chained off 4 way. 1 broadband deca. 1 technician.
Q2. No
Q3. yes
Q4. Talk to Customer service they are offering some customers a free upgrade to an hr24. Then you will have 3 hd dvr's. = awesome.
Q5. Ask the tech when he gets there.

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I'd call and see what they will offer you for a hr34, and three clients (h25). It will give you more tuners to record on by one, will give you 130% increase in recording space, and you will easily be able to set up recordings from any receiver in the house.

If you're going to end up with a commitment again by changing boxes, that's the box to get. It does have a few bugs right now, but it records right and the bugs are mostly annoyances that will be gone soon enough as they release some new firmware (they just got rid of some more bugs with a firmware update today) over the next couple months.

Oh, and if you do that, they will take care of all your equipment and bring everything you need, which wont be much. They can plug the internet into the hr34, and that will bridge the internet connection to all the other recxivers in the system, and the other receivers in the system will run MRV via the coax as well, so you won't have to plug any of them into ethernet, just the hr34.
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